STYLE [stahyl]: Feel beautiful and relaxed at your personal style lounge. Enjoy the luxury and convenience of a total image experience. Encoutner a customized blueprint and makeover. Our blueprint is a technical plan that draws from your distinctive characteristics to cater to your unique style.

The YAI YAI® style philosophy uniquely personalizes a style blueprint that evaluates your characteristics and is a guide to your style services, price structure, and reservation schedule.  


There are three levels of pricing offered, that increases with the desired services. 


The style blueprint analyzes your natural characteristics of facial shape, bone structure, growth patterns, colour pallet, personality and lifestyle, that sculpts a design and creates a colour that is not only wearable but uniquely yours.

"Overcoming the challenges of natural characteristics, creating a wearable design that overcomes, enhances and radiates the guest's natural beauty is the very essence of hairdressing"