Welcome to the society of wine lovers!  YAI YAI WINE SOCIETY members will enjoy rare, boutique, cult wines, as well as the everyday toast.  You will enjoy a complimentary tasting to evaluate your palate and complete a personalized YAI YAI Wine Blueprint.  This will help us be creative in selecting the best wines for your pleasure. 

We will work hard to bring you the best of the best collections each quarter.  Four collections will be presented each year per season (spring, summer, fall, winter).  Each collection will express the perfect notes, popular trends, and the overall spirit of the season.  Enjoy the luxury of selected wines that accommodate your personalized YAI YAI Wine Blueprint.  Membership levels reflect quarterly fees, wines, and discounts for all packaged wine.

All members will receive an initial complimentary tasting & wine blueprint evaluation, complimentary tasting for a friend, gift wrapping with a personalized card, delivery within 10 miles of YAI YAI, a birthday toast, and wine education.

We offer two different memberships. Wine Mystery Membership (Wine Lover, Enthusiast, Collector) receive wines chosen for you based on your personalized wine blueprint. By the Toast Membership
(Toast I, II, III) receive wines of your choice, according to the tiered pricing.

Join online or in person. Call to book your initial tasting and wine blueprint evaluation



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