YAI YAI® is a style philosophy that blueprints your style.
WHY - Our passion is the art of customization in our designing, making guests feel a sense of confidence and uniqueness.

YAI YAI® is team driven with passion, serving from the heart.
WHY - Our team is made up of the industry’s best.  Those who have a passion for hairdressing and a heart to serve; imparting the confidence that comes with the spirit of looking good and feeling good.

YAI YAI® is a one and only style lounge concept.
WHY - We created a total experience that brings culture and style to our guests.

YAI YAI® is all inclusive, offering our own brand organic products made of the best ingredients and the latest scientific developments.
WHY – We extend the blueprint process by formulating products for your specific needs.  These elite products are only offered at store locations or our online store. 

® is a go-green initiative that contributes to saving our planet, provides a clean environment by using organic supplies, and is not tested on animals. We are proudly package free, by offering refills on our product lines. We also reuse and recycle operating supplies, along with sending our cut hair to oil companies to assist in the absorption of oil spills.

YAI YAI® is an elite, luxuriant brand.

We are honored that you have chosen YAI YAI® for your styling needs! We look forward to building a relationship with you and sharing many years of bonding and great style! Your personal guest concierge will be getting to know you along with your needs. 


Thank you again for being a part of our YAI YAI® family!